Senior Marketing Communications Manager, EMEA


Craig Valier

Sales and Marketing Operations Professional

Catrina is a very detailed oriented, results driven marketer that balances company success with customer advocacy. I could always rely on Catrina to constructively challenge me when discussing various projects and not just blindly accept the direction that was being proposed. In the end this made for a much stronger solution and a more collaborative relationship.

November 11, 2012, Craig worked with Catrina at Panduit


Maxine Davenport

Head of Client Services at FortuneWest

I have worked with Catrina for over 7 years now as her Marketing and Event provider. Catrina is a very knowledgeable and experienced marketeer, with a flare of creativity that certainly gives my creative team enjoyment when working on projects! Catrina is strong and decisive, yet fair and understanding as a client.

July 31, 2012, Maxine was a consultant or contractor to Catrina at Panduit


Kollengode Anand

Director, Software Product Marketing at Emerson Network Power

It was a pleasure for me to have known and worked with Catrina. She is a conscientious, hard-working person who led the Integrated Marketing Communications team in EMEA during my time with Panduit. She willingly stepped into the breach to fulfill responsibilities created by key departures in the marketing function in that region on numerous occasions.
She also managed all the communications with the Global team at the US HQ, and ensured that the EMEA sales teams had all the necessary collateral and assets in the various languages for their customer meetings.
Needless to say, she was the heart and soul of that theater from a marketing perspective.
Very knowledgeable, regimented and detail oriented with a tremendous disposition – that describes Catrina very well.
I have no reservations in recommending her for senior level marketing leadership positions

June 20, 2012, Kollengode managed Catrina indirectly at Panduit


Neil Edwards

Founder, The Marketing Eye, Demand generation for Altfin and FinTech businesses.

Catrina is an extremely knowledgeable marketer who knows her business and her marketing strategy inside out. Intellectually sharp and dextrous, Catrina is demanding of her suppliers and yet, by the same token, always scrupulously fair. This leads to everybody giving of their best and ultimately drives outstanding results for the business. I have great respect for her ability and am pleased to call her a client

June 11, 2012, Robert managed Catrina indirectly at Panduit


Robert Sieger

CIO/SVP, Technology | Driving Change, Transformation & Innovation | Author/Entertainment Critic

Catrina is difficult to describe in a few sentences; her strengths are many and I fear that only a few words would not begin to scratch the surface of her qualifications! She is detailed oriented and has one of the sharpest marketing minds that I have come to know. She has a keen sense of user needs and is a constant advocate for controlled change; her ability to communicate is without exception and she uses that ability without alienating those that she communicates with. I would recommend Catrinia without exception or hesitation! She would be a strong benefit to any organization that has the good sense to snap her up!

July 31, 2012, Maxine was a consultant or contractor to Catrina at Panduit


Olaiz Abadía

Marketing Manager at Marketing y Comunicación

I have indirectly reported to Catrina as Marketing Manager EMEA. She is a person who understands the Business and is always willing to learn.A excelent proffesional who listen to her co-workers and considers the others opinions. Always supportive with her team and shares her knowledge and expirience.Well control of the budget assigned and focus on ROI.
It was a pleasure to work with her.

February 17, 2012, Olaiz worked indirectly for Catrina at Panduit


Erin Taylor

Senior Events and Sponsorship Executive at Heart of the City

Catrina was a brilliant manager to work for during my time with Panduit; she was always willing to offer guidance in my role, to back my opinions and to share a laugh. Her vast knowledge of Panduit solutions and company workings as well as the international business environment, particularly in the EMEA region, meant that her decisions and advice were always well-informed and considered.

February 2, 2012, Erin reported to Catrina at Panduit


Tom Crowe

Director at Any Translation

I worked with Catrina whilst I was at ALS. She is very much an internationally focussed marketer who understands the complexities of localisation as opposed to just translation. We worked as an extension of Catrina’s own department and closely with her marketing agency to achieve the deadlines and throughput that were required for large volumes of marketing documentation for highly technical products that Panduit offer.
During this time I found Catrina to totally committed to her role. with a keen eye for detail and commitment to achieve deadlines. I have great pleasure in recommending Catrina and would be delighted to work with her again if there is an opportunity to do so.

April 21, 2011, Tom was with another company when working with Catrina at Panduit


Louise Stebbings MCIM

enior Marketing Program Manager – EMEA, Level 3 Communications

Catrina was a great boss and a fabulous person to work for!

March 30, 2010, Louise reported to Catrina at Panduit

Marketing Manager

Transputec Computers plc

Peter Baird

Head of HR at ELEXON

I have have previously worked with Catrina at Transputec where she was employed as Marketing Manager. Catrina always led the way with both innovation and workable marketing interventions which lead both to the profile of Transputec and it business improving. Catrina is a Marketer with extraordinary talent for knowing how the IT market operates and how to develop innovative marketing initiatives that garner new business opportunities. I have no hesitation in recommending Catrina to any business that is looking for innovative marketing solutions which will improve their bottom line.

June 11, 2012, Peter worked with Catrina at Transputec Computers plc