Don’t forget that your targets are interested in WIIFM (what’s in it for me), so make all communications relevant to the WIIFM. It may not be the points you want to stress about your product, but remove the perceived hurdles from the customer’s point of view and see the sales come in.

An Exhibition

An Exhibition
Don’t just turn up to an exhibition and expect people to queue up to talk to you if you’ve not told them ahead of time you will be there: Tell people you are going to be there so that they seek you out and then tell people that you were there so that they look out for you next time.

Catrina Clulow


Know where you want to get to and then plan your activities to get you there. Concentrate on your own path not that of following your competitors every action.

Catrina Clulow

Marketing activity

Why are we doing this? When….? How….? Who ….? What…? Where….? The basic questions you need to ask for each marketing activity to decide whether to do it or not, no matter how big or small your company.

Catrina Clulow

What are the components of a marketing toolkit?

Just think about it for a second and see what you can come up with.

Done thinking?

Well some of the traditional things that you can use are: advertising (press, outdoor, radio and TV); direct mail/ direct email; exhibitions; leaflet drops; PR; seminars; shop window displays; telemarketing; website; workshops.

But what about the newer technologies, aren’t they just complicated and only for technophiles? Well things like blogs; social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and all the rest as they come and go (remember MySpace anyone?); webinars: These are not just for the techies amongst us (as I am proving here) but also a good way to have a dialogue with your customers and prospects; to help you build up a long standing relationship (after all it is 8x more expensive to acquire a customer as to keep an existing one as the old adage goes).